Saturday, December 20, 2014

Scoring Points at Home - Martin Wiles

Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Ephesians 5:21 NLT

One by one I plucked them and nestled their stems in the cup of my hand. 

My wife and I once lived in an old home. Next door was an even older deserted home which was slowly dying from age. Numerous weeds snaked across the yard, yet once a year in the spring the yard transformed itself. Jonquils appeared among the weeds and displayed their yellow hearts. I would sneak over and pluck them one by one until I had enough for my purpose. Then finding an old milk bottle, I filled it with water, carefully placed the flowers inside, and placed the arrangement by our kitchen window. Nothing was more precious than the smile on my wife’s face when she noticed. 

Points are scored differently with women and men, but score them we must. Points are scored at home through caring actions. My mother always showed love through these rather than through “I love you’s.” Cooking my favorite meal, buying me something special for Christmas or my birthday, or sending me an encouraging card. Men have to make an effort to score points in these and other ways while it seems to come natural to women. A romantic meal, a date night, fresh cut flowers, a card for no special reason, washing the dishes, and putting the toilet lid down are all things women appreciate. 

Points are also scored through intimacy. Men and women gauge this differently as well. Men tend to think intimacy only occurs through physical sexual acts while women are often content to simply cuddle and hug. Touching and time together enhance a couple’s closeness. 

Communication is an essential for scoring points. An occasional um hum, ah hah, or really will let a woman know her man is listening. I can communicate only on the surface level with my mate or I can progress to the deeper and healthier level of sharing my personal preferences, ideas, feelings, and beliefs. 

What can you do to score more points with your significant other?

Prayer: Thank You Father God for the special people You bring into our lives. May we love them with the same type of love You have for us. 


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