Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Our Little, God’s Much - Martin Wiles

She felt out of place but knew she needed to be there.

Most of the others were seated when she walked in. She felt their eyes burning into her skin as she ambled down the aisle searching for a seat. The music was magical. This was where she belonged, but she couldn’t help but feel those around her didn’t think so. 

She heard someone whisper, “You know she buried her husband.” As if it was her fault he died. She tried to worship, but her mind kept imagining what people were thinking. 

The priest rose for his speech and referenced Joash-an Old Testament king who took a collection to repair God’s temple. He told of how the people gave willingly and challenged his present parishioners to do the same. His message burned in her bones, but what could a poor widow do?

She pondered her predicament as the ushers picked up the offering plates and approached each pew. Perspiration slithered down her back as they inched closer. How could what she had to give compare to what others were giving?

Suddenly she knew what to do. Removing two pennies from her purse-all she had to live on, she placed them in the plate. As the plate moved by her, she heard someone remark; “Does she think God is pleased with that?”

After the ushers were seated, the priest glared at his parishioners and said; Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. Mark 12:43 God makes much of our gifts when they’re given with the right spirit and motives. Give your time, talents and money, and you’ll be surprised by what God does.

Prayer: God of all gifts, motivate us to honor You with ours. 


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