Saturday, November 8, 2014

God—The Great Recycler - Martin Wiles

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. Romans 8:28 NLT

What some things once were, they no longer are the second…or even third, time around. You might say it’s reincarnation of a different variety.

I’ve never been a “green” person until recently. I’d never lived anywhere where the recycling truck made weekly rounds nor did I care to spend time separating recyclable from unrecyclable items. Recycling centers were existence…not just in close proximity, making it necessary for me to burn gas to be green. When we moved to our present location, my wife and I decided to begin recycling. Amazingly, half of our weekly trash was eliminated and tossed into the pile that would eventually become something else—saving our environment in the process. 

God also has a recycling program. Recycling means that appearances are often deceptive. My water bottle could once have been a milk jug…or some other item I don’t care to think about. My toilet paper may once have been someone’s newspaper. Some things I’d rather not think about. God’s program is similar. What may appear to be an unpleasant situation—and even feel so, can be used in a different manner if I’ll allow God to recycle it. 

Definitions are fluid when it relates to recycling. What I presently call a plastic bag someone down the road may call a soda bottle. Plastic bag and soda bottle are defined differently but are both composed of plastic. What I may term “bad,” God may define as “good” if I’ll allow him to run his recycling course without interfering. 

God is omnipotent…all powerful. Human recycling is limited by machines, technology, money, and materials. Some things aren’t recyclable. A provided list tells me what I can and can’t put in the can. God, however, can recycle anything. And he will for those who belong to him and are interested in achieving his purpose for their lives. Are you allowing God to recycle the circumstances of your life?

Prayer: God of wonder, love, and grace, we ask You to take our life’s situations and recycle them for our good and Your glory. 


Martin N Michelle
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  1. Amen to your awesome post. Yes God does take us in our trashy state and make us into a new creation. Amazing isn't it! You are my neighbor at Sunday Stillness.