Friday, June 27, 2014

Flashback Friday by Martin Wiles


Optimism's Hope

LAY OFF. THE pattern of my life.
I swore when moving to Greenwood, South Carolina, I would never work at Greenwood Mills. But I did.
Foreign imports were hurting business. Shortly, weekend shifts were discontinued and layoffs arrived regularly. Since I was the new kid, they chose me repeatedly. I was usually called back to the same job, but the last time around sweeping was the only position available.
I was pessimistic about the job and the wages. Sweeping eight hours didn’t excite me and pay barely above minimum wage didn’t help. But I hoped for better things and was eventually rewarded the overseer’s position. 
Things don’t always work out so well. King David looked when he should have turned his head, acted when he should have walked away and followed both with deception and murder. READ MORE...

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