Thursday, May 15, 2014

When All We Have is All We Have by Martin Wiles

When all we have is all we have, disappointment follows quickly.

Joni* made her pot of gold selling real estate. A fine house, fine clothes, fine cars, and all the toys her heart desired. She even had her widowed father residing with her to help with the chores around the house and around town—until he met a lifelong friend who had also been widowed, fell in love, and married her. Now he was leaving town and possibly selling his home. Imagining his new wife might now or eventually inherit things she wanted, Joni took advantage of his absence and removed items from his house without his permission. She even confiscated some of his important papers and currency and carted them off to a lawyer for what she considered “safe keeping.” Her greedy nature and uncouth actions resulted in a relationship fracture with her father and his newly inherited family. She had no desire to befriend them. All she could see was her inheritance falling into the hands of strangers. 

Joni’s actions bear the fruit of what James warns against. Look here, you rich people: Weep and groan with anguish because of all the terrible troubles ahead of you. (James 5:1)

When all I have is all I have, it’s entirely possible I’ve missed the most important thing in life—a relationship with Jesus Christ. The pursuit of play toys, unhealthy relationships, and cheap thrills can shift my focus from what’s most important.

Yet even as a believer I’m not perfect…merely a work in progress. I can listen to Satan’s whisper or the world’s enticements. Doing so will turn my eyes toward obtaining tangible items and fulfilling the immoral lusts of my flesh. These endeavors will cause me to dwell on what I have that brings me worldly pleasure rather than finding satisfaction in my relationship with Christ. How much better to focus on the all I have in Christ. 

Is all you have all you really have?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, may we find life’s true fulfillment in our relationship with You. Keep our eyes and efforts focused on building Your kingdom rather than our own. 
*Name changed to protect individual’s privacy.

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