Wednesday, March 19, 2014

God’s Attention Getter by Martin Wiles

What grabs my attention may very well have God’s hand behind it.

I was fresh out of college, pastoring my first church, and aching to make an impression on someone…anyone. So I filled my plate with busyness. All good things. I scampered from one task to the other until one day my energy level evaporated. Something had changed, but I didn’t know what. I found out the next morning. A bleeding ulcer incapacitated me: for one week in the hospital and for several more thereafter. But God used it as an attention getter to slow me down and help me reorganize my affairs. 

As he was approaching Damascus on this mission, a light from heaven suddenly shone down around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him, “Saul! Saul! Why are you persecuting me?” (Acts 9:3-4 NLT)

God makes time to grab my attention because he loves me. Jesus said no greater love can a person have than to lay down their lives for someone else. And he did. If he didn’t love me, he wouldn’t care what directions I wander in or whether they are helpful or harmful. 

God knows better than I do what’s advantageous for me. I had after high school and after college plans. At no time did they include a bleeding ulcer—or any other physical malady. Like most young people, I imagined I was invincible. Yet God used this temporary setback to help me see life from a different angle. 

What God uses to grab my attention varies, but it will always be designed to keep me in line with his plan. Paul’s thinking, beliefs, actions, and life direction were all changed when God got his attention. So was mine. 

Is God trying to get your attention? If so, take heed. He always has your good at heart.

Prayer: Thank You merciful Father for taking the time to direct us to Your desires by grabbing our attention. 

Martin N Michelle 
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