Friday, January 10, 2014

Dressed for Success by Martin Wiles

I’ve never enjoyed wearing one, but for many years they were considered indispensable when dressing for success.

Wearing a tie always made me feel like Mr. Darlin on the Andy Griffith Show who compared sporting one like going to a hanging. For a tie to look neat, the top collar of my shirt requires fastening. And if that’s not uncomfortable enough, I then have to tie a long piece of cloth around my neck which makes me feel trapped, restricted, and distressed.  Thankfully, the dress codes have presently relaxed and ties aren’t mandatory to be dressed for success. 

Since Adam and Eve sinned against God and consequently discovered their nakedness, most people have worn clothes. Of all the clothing we might wear, Peter mentions one piece of great importance. In the same way, you who are younger, submit yourselves to your elders. All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another. (I Peter 5:5 NIV) While humility doesn’t cover body parts I don’t want exposed, it does cover my less than desirable qualities. 

Wearing humility reminds me I have weaknesses. I’m not perfect. Never have been and won’t ever be. I have personality quirks, physical defects, and the occasional emotional spasm. Humility furnishes me a more honest view of myself and also helps me breed greater patience with others. They aren’t perfect either, and I shouldn’t expect them to be. When everyone wears humility, the young can learn from the old and vice versa. 

Humility doesn’t come naturally. But if I crave it, God will offer it to me. Then I’ll be content to let life’s spotlight beam on others rather than crave its direction toward me. I’ll give others a boost rather than detonate my own horn. And then I’ll be dressed for success.

Do you need a larger dose of humility? God is always willing to oblige.

Prayer: Great God of heaven, we ask to be clothed in the mindset of humility so we might place the interests of others above our own. 

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