Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Seeing Life Clearly by Martin Wiles

I cannot remember when I could see clearly without assistance.

I’ve worn glasses since my early days of elementary school. And while I can remember bits and pieces of my life before then, I can’t specifically remember the luxury of seeing clearly without them. No doubt, my vision was blurry for a period of time before I admitted it. After all, glasses are cumbersome. Cleaning them, being careful not to break them, having friends call you names, not being able to play certain games. Even though I didn’t enjoy glasses, I did appreciate clear eyesight.

Some individuals who gathered with Jesus for a meal weren’t seeing clearly either, but poor eyesight had nothing to do with their perspective. Meanwhile, Jesus was in Bethany at the home of Simon, a man who had previously had leprosy. While he was eating, a woman came…broke open the jar and poured the perfume over his head. Some of those at the table were indignant. “Why waste such expensive perfume?” they asked. (Mark 14:3-4 NLT)

Simon had been a leper. Was he one of the critics? Had he forgotten his deliverance? And what about the disciples? Had they forgotten what Jesus delivered them from? It’s easy to lose perspective and view circumstances through a fog.

Spending time with Jesus helps me see myself, others, and life’s situations more clearly. I came into this world a sinner. I wasn’t born good; I was bad, but God made me good through Jesus’ sacrifice and my acceptance of his forgiveness.

While living on earth, no one was unimportant to Jesus. Seeing others clearly means viewing worth in all people because they are God’s creations. Just like Jesus did the woman who anointed his feet.

And when I see life clearly, I’ll remember God is in control of every one of my life’s situations whether they are problematic or enjoyable.

Are you seeing life clearly through Jesus’ eyes?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help us see ourselves, others, and life events with Your perspective.

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