Thursday, October 24, 2013

Accepting God’s Will by Martin Wiles

When it’s easy or suits my purposes, I normally don’t buck it. But when it goes against my grain and costs me? Well…

There have been many occasions when I’ve struggled to discover God’s will. But there have also been times when I knew what God wanted and was simply not overjoyed about doing it. Such as the time I knew he wanted me to resign my leadership position when I had nothing in tow. Like Abraham, my wife and I walked blindly into the unknown.

Eli the priest couldn’t control his sons who were dishonoring God with disobedient behavior. He failed to punish them, so God stepped in. When God revealed this message through Samuel, Eli responded, It is the LORD’s will,” Eli replied. “Let him do what he thinks best (I Samuel 3:18 NLT).

Accepting God’s will requires that I first believe he has a unique plan for my life and is actually interested in the directions I take. And he does and is. He’s my Father, and I’m his child. Good parents are always interested in helping their children.

Believing God can see into the future I can’t also makes it easier to accept his will. I can only see the moment, but God is present in the future I haven’t experienced yet. Thus he can give me wise direction whether or not it seems so to me. It may not even make logical sense.

Accepting God’s will always takes me farther spiritually than I am presently. Obeying his plans means walking by faith—not sight. This is scary, but it builds my trust in him as my sole Provider and Sustainer.

And when I accept God’s will, it honors him. I receive peace, and others see God more clearly through my life.

Have you accepted God’s plan for your life?

Prayer: Gracious God, give us courage to go where You lead even when You guide us through valleys deep.

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