Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You Only Live Once by Martin Wiles

I’d never heard the acronym. In fact, it probably hadn’t been invented, but I was doing a fair job of living it out nevertheless.

YOLO. You Only Live Once. A common acronym of the twenty first century reflecting a disturbing mindset I also possessed as a teenager. Since I only get one go round at this life before entering eternity, I might as well grab as much gusto on the one trip as possible. And I did. I lived for myself and did whatever I wanted—which was pretty much everything my parents forbade. Fortunately, I lived through it, and a saner—and more spiritual, mindset eventually settled in.

Paul didn’t have a death wish, but he did realize the next life would be better than his present one. For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better (Philippians 1:21 NLT).

When God got my attention, my lifestyle changed. Since I only get one chance at this life, it makes sense to discover God’s purpose on my one journey through to eternity. Only then will I experience happiness and determine why God placed me here in the first place.

Whatever God’s specific purpose is, it will include my investing in others. Not only am I to love him with all my heart, I’m to love my neighbor as well. Like the Good Samaritan, I need to stop long enough to help those with life issues I can soothe the balm of healing and kindness over.

And since I only live once, I realize this journey is going to end in eternity with Christ. That’s the best part. And if I spend my time now loving him totally and others completely, heaven won’t be such a surprise.

Are you making good use of your one time around?

Prayer: Father, give us the power to live with purpose on our one journey through life.

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