Thursday, August 22, 2013

Walking Out on God by Martin Wiles

We needed money, but the drama was more than I could stand. So I did what I’d never done before.

Due to distance and fuel cost, I quit my job in a neighboring county to work two part-time positions closer to home. One was as a manager at a country store across from our house. For some unknown reason, the boss’s wife didn’t like my wife who did a lot of freebie work for the store.

Over the ensuing months, the tension grew and so did my frustration. Talking sarcastic to my wife in my presence just doesn’t set well with me. One particular morning, her remarks were the last straw. I untied my apron, informed her that her husband just lost a manager, handed her the keys, and walked out. Perhaps not the wisest thing I’ve ever done, but it sure felt good.

Paul’s experience was worse. After giving his testimony—and after extending an invitation to his audience to believe in this same Jesus, an entire entourage walked out on him. Then the king, the governor, Bernice, and all the others stood and left (Acts 26:30 NLT).

Walking out on God occurs through unbelief, rebellion, and selfishness. God allowed his Son to die for my sins, but failure to accept his invitation for forgiveness causes me to walk out on him. Rebellious believers walk out also…nor forever but at least temporarily. Rebellion—like a child going through the “terrible two’s” or a teenager questioning his parent’s standards, leads me away from God. And of course selfishness escorts me in the same direction. Life about me always leaves God out.

Are certain attitudes piloting you in the wrong direction? God promises he’ll never leave you, and he gives you power to remain close to him as well.

Prayer: All powerful God, keep us close to Your side so that we never walk out on the One who did so much for us.

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