Monday, August 26, 2013

Overcoming Fear by Martin Wiles

“Mr. Wiles?”


“Please come with me?”

The question and request made me nervous. I was minding the waiting room while my wife was having a MRI on her back. I couldn’t imagine why I’d be summoned. She was claustrophobic, but this was an open MRI.

An open MRI is really a misnomer. The only thing open is the entrance and exit, and this wasn’t enough for my wife. She cried, and they comforted, but she needed more to overcome her fear. She needed me beside her. When I was, her fears subsided.

Before and after becoming king of Israel, David encountered many circumstances that could have evoked fear, but his confidence came from believing that The LORD is my light and my salvation—so why should I be afraid (Psalm 27:1 NLT)?

I’ve felt my share of fear like anyone else. Fear I’ll be misunderstood or rejected. Fear I’ll contract a fatal disease or life-altering medical ailment. Uncertainty about tomorrow. And the greatest fear—death.

When fear weighs me down, I remind myself this spirit doesn’t originate with God (II Timothy 1:7). He gives me the good sense to avoid dangerous situations, but he never intends for me to be so encumbered by fear that I can’t live a healthy and abundant life. Satan authors these life-altering emotions.

I conquer fear by remembering God is my light, salvation, and fortress against people, thoughts, and circumstances that portend to destroy me or my effectiveness. Nothing or no one can stand against me when God is on my side. So drown your fears in the promises of God’s Word, take them to the closet of prayer, and then move forward with faith and fortitude. God will hold your hand, whisper comforting words, and stroke your head with his all-powerful hand.

Prayer: Father above, when we’re overcome by fears—real and imagined, comfort us with the calming presence of Your Spirit.

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