Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Heart Rebellion by Martin Wiles

I awoke with my heart racing at an abnormal speed. Had I been startled from a bad dream, I would have expected this. But I hadn’t.

After a few moments of waiting, I woke my wife and told her what was happening. A call to 911 ensued, followed by a trip to the hospital, and later a visit to a cardiologist who diagnosed me with tachycardia. Nothing really to worry about, but he did share some tactics I could use to regulate my heart pace if this happened again. He also prescribed medicine to slow my heart rate.

With tachycardia, the heart rebels and must be brought under control lest a more serious matter occur—namely a heart attack. With spiritual heart rebellion, it’s more serious. God’s Old Testament people often suffered from this condition. But you rebelled against the command of the LORD your God and refused to go in (Deuteronomy 1:26 NLT).

Heart rebellion begins in the mind. In typical Biblical usage, the heart is the seat of emotions. I begin thinking thoughts such as, “It’s just no fun obeying God.” Or “His rules are too stringent.” Perhaps, “There are just too much enjoyable things going on in my life right now. I don’t want to give them up for God.” When I fail to take these thoughts captive, I act and inevitably contract heart rebellion.

As my tachycardia is tamable, so is this disease. But I must take action. Renewing my mind daily—by infusing it with principles from God’s Word, and making an effort to conform to godly ways—while avoiding worldly wanderings, will enable me to make healthy choices that carry me into God’s bright future where he blesses my obedience.

If you’re suffering from heart rebellion, take heart. God can reorient your rhythm.

Prayer: When our hearts beat in rebellion dear Father, guide them back to the steady rhythm of obedience.

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