Saturday, August 31, 2013

Enduring Love by Martin Wiles

For forty two years, I watched them hold on through thick and thin.

Prior to my leaving for college, we celebrated my paternal grandparent’s fiftieth wedding anniversary. Fifteen years later, I stood in the nursing home—where they both had been placed, and watched as my grandfather eagerly anticipated his final journey. Not many people celebrate 65 years of marriage. They marry later in life and give up on each other for frivolous reasons. But my grandparents held on through lean and abundant times.

As God’s love is faithful and enduring, so ours should be toward our mates. Praise the LORD! Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever (Psalm 106:1 NLT).

Enduring love accepts and is unconditional. My grandparents were quite different. My grandfather was an outdoorsman and in his younger years had farmed. Most of his time was spent delivering ice cream, working in the yard, and tending his garden. My grandmother, however, was content to stay indoors.

Boyce Wiles, Sr., was also a meek man. It took a lot to rile him. Very few times did I ever witness him angry. But my grandmother had a “Rast” temper (her maiden name) and would fly off the handle at a moment’s notice if something didn’t suit her. Only unconditional love and acceptance saw them through 65 years of marriage.

I take comfort in knowing that God’s love is even more unconditional and accepting than my grandparents ever was. While God has expectations for me, he’ll never divorce me regardless of how many times I stumble or fail to reciprocate his unconditional love. My behavior and attitudes may disappoint him, but I never will for I’m made complete in Christ Jesus. And so are you.

Celebrate God’s enduring love, and show your spouse the same.

Prayer: Omnipotent Father, we celebrate Your enduring love for us. Thank You that no matter how many times we fail You continue to love and accept us. Enable us to show our life mates the same.

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  1. how sweet and precious. what a legacy! <3

  2. Dear Martin
    Just yesterday I was thinking how heartbreaking it must be for the crown of His creation that has divorced Him in the Garden of Eden. It is just breathtaking to realize what He did to woo her back. Yes, our God hates divorce!
    Blessings XX