Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dealing with Depression by Martin Wiles

“Take the medicine and stay out of the Emergency Room.”

Those were my doctor’s words when I finally accepted his diagnosis of depression. My home and professional life were in shambles. I felt like I was in a tailspin—barely able to keep my head above water. Dark clouds were my constant friends. Pains afflicted various parts of my body. Was it stress, worry, or an approaching heart attack?

Moving nearer my family helped but didn’t completely heal my state of mind. I took the meds, but the side effects were worse than the symptoms. After numerous trips to the Emergency Room—only to be told “We can’t find anything wrong,” I accepted my doctor’s advice. Sure enough, after a few weeks, the side effects diminished and the dark cloud lifted.

Perhaps David didn’t know it, but he was most likely depressed. His words are reflective: You have taken away my companions and loved ones. Darkness is my closest friend (Psalm 88:18 NLT).

I’ve discovered depression is no respecter of persons. “Super saints” have been known to disparage depressed believers with statements such as, “Just get over it,” or “You must not have enough faith,” but Biblical examples and Christian history reveal believers get depressed. I experience life just as everyone else does.

Depression is ultimately silenced by relying on God but often temporarily relieved with counseling and medicine. The cure usually involves all three methods. God graciously provides Christian counselors as well as wisdom to researchers that develop medicine. Both counseling and medicine can be taken without feeling guilty as long as I don’t lose focus on whom the ultimate healer is.

If you’re struggling with darkness, cry out to God first and then let him direct you to any other means you may need to heal your emotions.

Prayer: We trust You Almighty God to heal our bodies, our spirits, and our emotions.

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  1. Thank you for tackling such a difficult topic. There are times that healing comes through medicine which our God gave the knowledge & insight for. Medicine can be a gift.

  2. Hi Martin
    I agree that depression can be controlled with the right medication, counseling and living deeply in the life of our Lord Jesus!
    Blessings XX

  3. Hi Martin! Isn't so easy to cry out to God last in life's difficulties & just plain react first? How much better for our first thought to be to cry out to God in the case of depression, & for all our concerns. FIrst thought to give us direction. Thanks so much linking up on the Wednesday link up. I really appreciate you posting there, Martin! Blessings, Juana

  4. I'm thankful that more people like yourself are stepping up and speaking the truth; that christians get depressed. I write about depression on my blog, and one point I make very clear is that depression can be a very physical thing. That means it's pretty unlikely that faith alone is going to heal you. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mean that something other than God is going to heal you. It means that just like with any other physical ailment, we have to address it physically. Along with medicine (at least in the beginning like you said) and therapy, there are also many other things we can do to fight depression and a lot of them have to do with our physical bodies!
    It makes me so mad when people say "You just need to pray more faithfully" or some other hurtful message like that. Believe me, when I'm in a depressive episode, no one is praying more faithfully. I do run to God. But the truth is, He gives us tools and expects us to use them. It doesn't take the glory away from God, it's still all His, the healing still comes from God, just through a tool that He created.
    Sorry this was so long, I always forget how passionate I am about this until someone brings it up!
    Great post! I just found your blog today.

  5. Out of the 82 students that graduated in my class, two have committed suicide in the past 5 years. Both were men who had struggled for years with depression. IMHO people alomst "expect" women to deal with depression because we tend to be "emotional". But SO many men deal with depression and no one knows. It is a sad state. But thankful that we do have the Great Physician that can heal us from ALL infirmities, and that He gives us Dr's to help sometimes. Be well.

  6. What a wise post- thank you for much for deliberately sharing this. Thank you for linking up this week- I'm honored to have such an encouraging post full of wisdom from the Lord linked up!!