Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Never a Failure by Martin Wiles

Failure? Success? A matter of definition but also perspective.

Winston Churchill failed the sixth grade and was defeated in every public office he ran for but at 62 became Britain’s Prime Minister. Thomas Edison’s teachers told him he was too stupid to learn, but after 1,000 failed attempts, he created a light bulb that worked. Harland David Sanders had his chicken rejected by more than 1,000 restaurants, but the image of the “Colonel” is now plastered worldwide on KFC restaurants. R. H. Macy had a history of failing businesses but eventually landed the largest department store in the world.

Some may interpret Paul’s stint at Thessalonica as a failure, but he labeled it a success. His preaching aroused the Jewish leader’s ire, and their jealousy led to a riotous search to locate and deliver him to a mob. Though he fled for his life, he later wrote, You yourselves know, dear brothers and sisters, that our visit to you was not a failure (I Thessalonians 2:1 NLT).

Losing a business, not getting the patent, being rejected by a publisher, having a home foreclosed on, listening to a spouse say “I don’t love you anymore.” All these scenarios and others may cause some to label us failures, but what some brand a failure isn’t by God. He measures success by a different formula.

Obedience to God and to the tasks he assigns me in life constitutes success. He measures my effort and motives rather than my results. I can do all things he gives me to do because he provides guidance and wisdom as well as power from his indwelling Spirit. I don’t have to fear the final accounting because my success is based on Jesus’ success.

Let your position in Christ be the measuring stick by which you judge your success.

Prayer: Thank You Lord Jesus that we’re more than conquerors in You. With You as our Savior, we will never fail.

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