Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Power of Testimony by Martin Wiles

Mine’s not astounding. After all, how much dirt could a nine-year-old boy have accumulated?

I was reared by conservative religious parents. Activities and attitudes violating God’s commands were forbidden. Sure I had the terrible two tantrums and occasionally sassed my parents, but at nine I’d never considered the “sin habits,” robbed a store, murdered anyone, or been a drug pusher. Comparatively, I was clean. So when I asked Christ to forgive my sins, it didn’t appear he had many to remove.

When opportunity arose to share my testimony, it didn’t seem I had much of interest to present. No grabbing headlines. No dirt. Nothing that moved people to the edge of their seats. Only later did I understand that my testimony was what God had kept me from rather than what he’d brought me through.

Legion’s testimony was radically different. His name reflected his sad state of affairs. Homeless and naked, he inhabited a cemetery. He’d been chained in an attempt to control him, but demons drove him crazy…until he met Jesus. After Jesus healed him, he wanted to follow him in his travels, but Jesus said, No, go back to your family, and tell them everything God has done for you (Luke 8:39 NLT).

Our testimony is merely the story of how God has changed our life. What our life was like before trusting him, how it’s changed at present, as well as our future hope are all important elements. We don’t have to own a “Legion” testimony to impress people. A simple God loves me, has forgiven me of my sins, gives me strength to face each day, and has prepared an eternal home for me will do.

Don’t wish for a more cringing testimony; let God use the one you have to free others.

Prayer: Thank You Lord for changing our position from sinners to saints. Give us many opportunities to share what You’ve done in our lives with others.

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