Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cluttered by Clutter by Martin Wiles

As a preacher’s kid, I did it all my young life; as a pastor, I followed suit.

Moving has rarely been on my list of enjoyable things. The last major transition my wife and I made required placing most of our belongings in storage for several months. We realized in short order that our “treasures” weren’t going to fit into the one building we’d rented. I quickly contacted the owner and asked for a second one. By the time we closed the door on the first building, an army of goods confronted us. Our little room was cluttered by clutter.

Jesus tells about a group of seeds cluttered out by thorns. Other seeds fell among thorns that grew up and choked out the tender plants (Matthew 13:7 NLT).

Clutter comes in various shapes and sizes: too many possessions, an overabundance of investments, an excess of unhealthy habits, or maybe just too many irons in the fire with the kids and other relationships. Clutter can be sinful or not and may signify a spiritual issue or merely be a sign of my busyness.

Clutter divides my mind. I want to do what’s right for God and others, but there’s just not enough time for both. So I have to make choices. Will I be selfish and hold on to my own schedule, or will I de-clutter and make time for things advancing God’s Kingdom? Even God’s work must be prioritized. I’ve watched people burn out serving him and have almost done it myself. 

Clutter…regardless of what category it fits into, either leaves God out or gives him leftovers. If your life feels cluttered, ask God for wisdom to reorganize it so he can use you to the fullest extent in your church, family, and community.

Prayer: Eternal God, we admit our lives are often cluttered. Give us wisdom to prioritize them effectively so we can serve You efficiently.

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