Thursday, February 21, 2013

Viewing Money Through Clear Lenses by Martin Wiles

Perfect vision was something I only enjoyed the first dozen years of life. Since then, my world has been blurry without glasses. Recently, it was even blurry then.

A quick squat to refill our dog’s water bowl resulted in extreme pain and muscle spasms. When both continued, I visited the doctor. Three shots, several prescriptions, and one day later, my clear world turned fuzzy. Words on the computer monitor paled and coursed together…even with my bifocals attached. Distant objects once legible became indiscernible. I checked for smudges and smears. No luck. After a few days of misery, I returned to the doctor who concluded it was a reaction to medicine. Fortunately, clarity returned the following day.

Clarity is also important when it involves our perspective on money. Sell your possessions and give to those in need. This will store up treasure for you in heaven! (Luke 12:33 NLT)

When viewed clearly, we’ll understand our treasures should be stored in heaven. Trouble is I don’t know a post office that delivers there. Ergo the connection between what we do with our earthly treasures and their transfer to heaven.  Money seen as an end in itself is capital viewed through blurry lenses. God entrusts money and possessions not so we can amass for ourselves but so we can employ them for his purposes. Arranging…or rearranging, our lifestyles and budgets often frees up money which in turn can be used for God-sent opportunities to assist others.

Turning our focus outward rather than inward doesn’t bring salvation but is evidence it’s genuine. It also sends our treasures on a heavenward trip and helps clarify life’s true purpose which is to love God by serving others. What financial goals can you establish that will allow you to contribute generously to causes assisting the needy?

Prayer: Guide us merciful Father to love You supremely and to demonstrate that love through acts of concern for others. Improve our spiritual vision so we can view our money and possessions through the clear lenses of unselfishness and correctly placed priorities.

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