Monday, December 3, 2012

Peace in Life’s Storms by Martin Wiles

I lay in my tent caressed by darkness’ fingers, listening and shivering as the rain pelted my canvas covering. Thunder pounded against the darkened mountains and rolled through the valley while lightning and wind raged against the sky. Sleep escaped me, and fear crept through my tent flap as I cringed behind my only shield: a vinyl wall.

I’ve slept through numerous storms but been awakened by many more. Nighttime storms petrify me. I’d rather see the ominous clouds, pealing lightning, and fuming winds. Not that seeing will eliminate the effects, but in some strange way it’s more comforting to observe what can eradicate my possessions or steal my life.

The geographical construction near the Sea of Galilee ripened it for sudden and frightening storms, and the disciples and Jesus were in the throes of one. But while the disciples frantically rowed and feared for their lives, Jesus slept. Suddenly, a fierce storm struck the lake, with waves breaking into the boat. But Jesus was sleeping (Matthew 8:24 NLT). His secret can be ours.

Because of Jesus’ keen eyesight and unique perspective, he was able to catnap while his disciples panicked. He saw what the disciples’ faith wasn’t strong enough to perceive-God had the situation in hand, and his perspective resulted in peaceful rest. They weren’t going to die. Rather the Father was using this to form their faith. Our relational, financial, emotional, and spiritual storms can be more crusty, sudden and fierce than the literal storms we encounter. But looking through Jesus’ lenses and adopting his perspective allows the storms to expose our frailties. Then we can examine our priorities which in turn gives God the opportunity to fortify our faith. Instead of running from life’s storms, just go wake Jesus.

Prayer: God of all comfort, we acknowledge that life’s storms often frighten us and threaten our faith. When they do, awaken our faith and draw us closer into Your arms of comfort.

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  1. My life is pretty stormy right now and I appreciate this wonderful reminder that God can be trusted when life gets scary.
    "Instead of running from life’s storms, just go wake Jesus." Love this!