Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Good Advice-Persevering in Prayer by Martin Wiles

Series: Good Advice

My knees are bad, and if I lay on the floor to do it, I probably couldn’t get up. But when I try my comfortable bed, I often fail too. There are days when I simply don’t feel like doing it. Sometimes God feels near when I’m doing it and at other times he seems distant. I’ve been told it changes everything, but occasionally I wonder if it changes anything.

One thing’s for sure-I can’t do what Paul suggests. Never stop praying (I Thessalonians 5:17 NLT)….Or can I? In spite of the prayer giants who reportedly spent hours every day praying, the average person can’t stay on their knees continuously nor do they own several unoccupied hours they can devote to praying. Though it’s important to have designated appointments with our prayer closets, attitude is essential too.

Prayer acknowledges God’s presence in my life. Just as I can teach, read, write, and shower while simultaneously thinking about my wife, so I can with God. A continual attitude of prayer allows me to involve him in everything I do by being constantly aware of his presence.

Prayer recognizes God’s power. Jesus once told his disciples they could move mountains with prayer if they had faith (Mark 11:22-23). Prayer does change things-mostly me, by aligning my actions and attitudes with Christ’s mind.

Prayer also acknowledges God’s ownership. He created me, purchased my salvation, and gives me daily guidance and sustenance. I can claim his promises, and my faith will increase as I experience answers to my prayers.

When, where, and how long aren’t the most critical questions as it relates to effective prayer. Believing in its efficacy, having a daily appointment with God, and being in a continuous prayerful attitude are the essentials. What can you do to spruce up your prayer life?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we thank You for the privilege of approaching Your throne of grace with boldness and the confidence that You hear, care, and will answer. May we never take the practice of prayer for granted but rather revel in Your desire to be involved in every detail of our lives.

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