Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Training For Excellence-The Power Of Vision by Martin Wiles

Series: Training For Excellence

He was only trying to help. Now it appeared it would cost him his eyesight.

Hawkeye Pierce was a top notch physician and lady’s man on the long running sitcom, M*A*S*H. Currently this entailed lighting a cantankerous gas stove in the nurses tent. BAAM was the next sound he and the entire camp heard-followed by complete darkness for him. The stove had exploded, burning his eyes in the process. After carefully wrapping his eyes, the optometrist said they’d just have to wait. But during this sightless journey, Hawkeye gained renewed appreciation for his vision.

Vision is a complicated process involving our eyes and brain. Photoreceptors on the eye’s retina gather light and send signals to other nerve cells. They in turn manufacture electrical impulses and send them to the brain which processes the information and tells us what we see.

As important as physical vision is, spiritual vision is more vital. In ancient times, God often spoke through visions, but prior to Samuel’s calling as a prophet, God’s visions were sporadic. In those days the word of the LORD was rare; there were not many visions (I Samuel 3:1).

Spiritual vision has nothing to do with physical sight but everything to do with accurately perceiving God’s plans and purposes. And it’s an essential element in training for spiritual excellence. God rarely reveals his life plan for us unless we ask. Doing so entails a willingness to do the proper training that will result in clear sight. This involves putting away ungodly habits and confessing any known sin-both of which fuzzy our vision. Don’t settle for less than God’s best. Give him anything that is blurring your vision.

Prayer: Eternal Father, we confess those sins and unwise practices that hinder us from seeing and fulfilling Your purposes.

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