Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Power of Praise-Praising God for All Things by Martin Wiles

Series: The Power of Praise

The LORD…frustrates the plans of the wicked (Psalm 146:9 NLT). Hundreds of years later, Paul parroted basically the identical thing but added that God takes evil plans and manufactures good. And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God (Romans 8:28 NLT).

Time for a little philosophizing, which brings me to a few questions. How exactly will God fabricate good from a failed marriage and a broken family? Or from a wreck wherein my daughter totals my favorite truck? Or from my father’s premature death because he contracted Mercer while in the hospital? How exactly will missing work due to illnesses benefit me when I need the money to pay bills? And what about the financial roller coaster it seems I’ve been riding since I was 18? Is there a purpose for these and a hundred other foibles I could reveal from my own personal life-not to mention those I’ve witnessed in other’s lives? Am I really supposed to believe God will birth benefits from such episodes?

Through my acts of praising God, I demonstrate I do. Yes my life has been sprinkled with “bad” events, but God is powerful enough to take each one and weave overall good from them. And he has. Praising him acknowledges my belief he’s doing this because he adores me with an everlasting and unconditional love and because he has promised he would. It also grows my faith.

Circumstances may drag us down-and others may take advantage of our unpleasant situations by intensifying our pain, but praising God keeps our focus on the One who is maneuvering the pieces to complete his wonderful masterpiece called our life. Don’t let undesirable conditions keep you from praising God.

Prayer: We praise You eternal Father for taking the circumstances of our lives-pleasant and unpleasant, and weaving them into a beautiful tapestry that is ultimately beneficial for us and advantageous for Your glory.

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