Monday, October 15, 2012

Worthy Commitments: Staying Away From Temptation by Martin Wiles

Series: Worthy Commitments

I held onto the habit for some fifteen years. Even now, the smell is sometimes unbearably enticing.

At fourteen, I started smoking tobacco. Back when you could walk into a store and say, “My mom (or dad) wants a pack of _______________,” and the clerk would hand them over without question. Back when high schools actually had smoking sections for those who did, and back when smoking was allowed in restaurants and retail stores. Smoking was even permitted on airplanes, in hospitals and in doctor’s offices.

What I was doing a large part of America and the world imitated. Tobacco (not cotton) was king and ruled by addiction. Even though I didn’t use medical assistance to quit, the demons pranced around in my head attempting to convince me I needed what I was struggling to discard. Years later, I realize one draw would still suck me back into this enslaving habit. That’s why I choose to scamper away from all forms of what’s evil for me.

This was David’s way of thinking as well. I will reject perverse ideas and stay away from every evil (Psalm 101:4 NLT). Paul agreed when he encouraged early Christians to abstain from all appearance of evil (I Thessalonians 5:22 KJV).

While God won’t send temptations, neither will he necessarily remove them when we knowingly place ourselves in harm’s way. He will, however, empower us to overcome enticements to commit evil, but we must trust him for the power to succeed. We must also exercise wisdom by staying away from what experience has taught us are personal weak spots. Don’t presume upon God. Commit to stay away from even the slightest hints of evil.

Prayer: Guide us, merciful Father, away from evil things that would enslave us and tarnish our reputations.


  1. Congrats on quitting! And thanks for the wisdom you shared. So true! We can't just ask God to keep us from giving in to the temptations and then put ourselves in tempting situations. I never heard the "avoiding all appearance of evil" verse described like that.
    Found your insightful post via Hear It on Sunday- Use It on Monday.

  2. Such truth. Staying away is the only way and I agree that God won't send temptations. He wants us to succeed in turning away more than we do.
    Your words are insightful and full of wisdom. Thanks for sharing.