Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Worthy Commitments: Making It A Habit To Tell

Series: Worthy Commitments

Hearing her say “Yes I will” was the sweetest words I’d ever heard, and I couldn’t wait to tell someone. Anyone. Everyone.

I was recovering from a broken relationship; she was enduring an abusive one. Mine terminated without me having a choice; she elected to end hers. We were work acquaintances and later friends who became lovers. And when I finally popped the question and she said yes, I was so elated I told everyone about my life’s new and exciting direction.

God brought David from an insignificant family where his main responsibility was tending his father’s sheep to being anointed as the king of an enormous Israeli kingdom. His journey wasn’t without roadblocks and pitfalls-particularly when the king he was to replace made several attempts on his life. But in the final analysis, God established him securely on the throne as promised. When he did, David praised him personally and in the presence of others. I will sing of your love and justice, LORD. I will praise you with songs (Psalm 101:1 NLT).

Bad news is widely disseminated through the media sources; good news should be shared even more extensively. Believers have the best news available and should joyfully tell of God’s love and goodness as David did. A “yes” to a marriage proposal is wonderful, but forgiveness of all my sins is much better. Experiencing love from a marriage partner is reassuring, but God’s unconditional love is far more comforting. Having a friend or lover attempt to meet all my needs is encouraging, but a relationship with a powerful God who actually can is electrifying. Through Jesus Christ, God transforms us from sinners to saints, and that’s enough to shout about.

Prayer: Prod us Father to regularly tell of Your love and goodness.

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