Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Finish What You Start

I couldn’t help but notice it sitting idly in the field. Every morning on my way to work I passed it. Why did no one finish it? What was completed was beautiful, but neglect was quickly overtaking the beauty. Piles of unused dirt lay scattered about, and weeds were rapidly overtaking the property.

Unfinished homes are familiar even though the whys of their status may be elusive. Funds dwindle, contractor reneges, mortgage isn’t approved, housing market goes bust or husband and wife split up.

The Corinthian believers promised to take an offering for suffering Christians in Jerusalem, but a year had passed and they hadn’t followed through. Paul encourages them to finish what they started. Here is my advice: It would be good for you to finish what you started a year ago (II Corinthians 8:10 NLT).

My personality causes me to thrive on finishing what I begin when it’s big projects-ones I’ll be recognized for and praised about. Projects putting my name in lights or resulting in raises and promotions. But I can easily get sidetracked from life’s little but more important tasks. Taking time to hug or sit with someone who’s hurting. Praising others for a job well done. Praying for my co-workers. Encouraging a child who’s struggling. Stopping to chat with the homeless person who sits at the same corner day after day. Periodically, God sends me reminders to stop some things I thought were admirable, to start some other things I haven’t considered and to finish everything that honors him.

What have you started or not started that you need to start and finish? If you ask, God will open your eyes to unfinished tasks all around you.

Prayer: God of love, motivate us to finish what we start-even those less than limelight projects.

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