Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Depend On God’s Strength by Martin Wiles

Series: Living Life To The Fullest

At 6’4”, 412 pounds, Mark Henry is an impressive sight, but even his muscular build can’t fully protect him.

Mark Henry is a weightlifter and professional wrestler. During his high school tenure, he was a three-time state champion, holding the record for squat at 832 pounds, for bench press at 525 pounds and for deadlift at 815 pounds. After qualifying for the 1992 Summer Olympics weightlifting competition, he nicknamed himself the World’s Strongest Man. But Henry discovered muscle couldn’t prevent injury. He was sidelined from his wrestling career for more than a year because of a torn quadriceps muscle.

I don’t know how Paul looked, but based on his comments it wasn’t like Mark Henry (Galatians 4). A terrible illness made his appearance detestable to the Galatians, and a thorn in the flesh God wouldn’t remove impaired him. When Paul said, I can do all this through him (Christ) who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13), he wasn’t referring to physical strength and adorable physiques. Paul’s power was spiritual.

Healthy eating habits and wholesome lifestyles are important but aren’t the most essential factors for accomplishing what God gives us to do. We can be healthy and still miss a full life. Our strength comes through a relationship with Christ that is intimate, vibrant, continuous and involves obedience. Since the power comes from God and not us, we can be physically weak and still carry out God’s work with enormous energy.

A fulfilling life involves using our God-given talents and gifts to their ultimate capacity. God will give opportunities along with wisdom and power to succeed at what he envisions for us. Don’t let your perceived weaknesses keep you from doing what God calls you to do.

Prayer: Thank You Father for providing the strength we need to do anything You require.

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