Friday, July 20, 2012

When God Shows Up by Martin Wiles

Would God really alter weather patterns for an outdoor Christian event?     

Many might say he could; probably few actually believe he would. One thing’s for certain, God showed up at a recent Rick Gage GO TELL Crusade I attended.

Angry clouds and pounding rain threatened to cancel the Tuesday night rally, but just in time the rain suddenly stopped and the clouds gave way to sunny skies. One attendee remarked, “It’s like a hole in the clouds. The Lord never ceases to amaze me.” The worship leader and program director reminded us that “God commands the winds and waves.”

Speaker Adrian Despres-chaplain for the University of South Carolina football team, spoke at length and challenged those present to trust God. When he called for a response, hundreds poured from the bleachers and decorated the football field-laying, standing and kneeling in prayer. Lightning flashed around the field’s perimeter, but not a drop of rain fell. 

In a psalm filled with references of how God has rescued his people, the psalmist mentions those plying world trade routes and how they witnessed God’s power over the winds and waves. For he spoke and stirred up a tempest that lifted high the waves (Psalm 107:25).

When God shows up so does his power. Things start happening and stop happening. Storms arise or the rain ceases. I quit complaining and gossiping and start loving my spouse, kids, family, friends and neighbors in a higher manner. I stop gambling and start giving. I quit going to church out of habit and start because I love Jesus. I give up enslaving habits and adopt freeing ones. God’s power can accomplish whatever is needed in your life.

Prayer: Powerful Father, enable us to let Your power change what needs changing in our lifestyles and attitudes.

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