Monday, June 4, 2012

He’s My God by Martin Wiles

Series: Psalm 23 for the Twenty First Century
“It’s mine; you can’t have it.” Mom, Dad, he took my…” “Johnny share with your…”

If you have kids you’ve heard it and struggled with the challenge of teaching them to share with siblings, friends and strangers. They aren’t married yet, but the old saying applies: “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.”

Selfishness doesn’t always leave after childhood. Not learning to share early in life leads to selfishness in adulthood. But as adults, the toys are bigger and the consequences of selfishness more acute.

I admit my periodic selfishness. Being a collector of books, I’ve frequently had other people want to borrow them. The wheels in my mind turn before I answer “Yes.” “Will they take care of it, spill coffee on it, let their dog chew it up or their kids tear it up?” So I think up a reason to say “No.” “I use that book a lot,” “I don’t loan my books” or “I know where you can get it real cheap.”

David had a personal connection with God: The LORD is my shepherd (23:1 KJV). But his personal relationship didn’t lead to selfishness. The Lord was his God but many other people were connected to him too, and he answered their prayers just like David’s. He also protected and guided them as he did David.

God’s plan was always that he be shared with everyone so all can enjoy his love, guidance and provision. He wasn’t just David’s God. He belongs to anyone willing to repent of their sins and trust him in faith. When we do, he wants us to share him with those who haven’t. And we can by the practical selfless things we do every day. Are you sharing God with others or keeping him to yourself?

Prayer: God of all humanity, prod us to share your love and goodness with everyone we meet.

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