Friday, March 2, 2012

First Things First

“Don’t put the cart before the horse.” It’s true. Carts don’t pull horses.

The saying doesn’t concern carriage rides but priorities. I’ve not always followed the advice. I think I know best for me so I tend to ignore advice conflicting with my wishes.

Like when my wife and I decided to purchase a house even though we didn’t have sufficient funds. We justified the decision because the price of gas was rising and we were driving seventy miles round trip to work. The process drove well initially but eventually hit enormous pot holes. I remember messaging my wife: “We need to pay attention to the stop signs.” So we did and cancelled the deal. Shortly thereafter we discovered the reason. God took us away from our jobs and the area.

John gives the correct order to ensure the horse is first: Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. (I John 4:11) Life is filled with important decisions and wonderful opportunities, but everything ethical in essence isn’t necessarily proper in practice. Owning a home is a wise investment; it just wasn’t right for us.

God loved us so much he allowed Jesus to die for our sins. Supreme love for him along with his guidance produces the right decisions and helps us engage only the opportunities he wants us to. There’s much good to do, but no one can do it all. Nor is life entirely about us. God loves everyone. Utmost love for him directs attention to other’s needs and challenges us to meet the ones God steers us to.

Love God first and others second, and your carriage will pull in the right sequence.

Prayer: Merciful Lord, may our decisions and actions stem from priorities honoring You.

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  1. It's becoming more difficult to prioritize things, to put "first things first," these days especially in this digital age. Everything & everyone seems to be screaming for attention in our lives. Thanks for the reminder that no matter how busy or entangled we become in our daily life, God must always be the first in everything. God bless!