Monday, January 16, 2012


Matthew 11:17 We played wedding songs, and you didn’t dance, so we played funeral songs, and you didn’t mourn. (NLT)

“(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”-a rock song released by The Rolling Stones in 1965, stirred up a world of controversy but was a hit nevertheless. To the older generation, the sexual overtones and downgrading of America’s commercialism was unacceptable, but the title is accurately descriptive of then and now. In Jesus’ time people complained about his predecessor John the Baptist-he was too strict. Jesus was too liberal. Neither satisfied. Current lifestyles reveal little progress. I’m tired of this car. I need a larger house. My spouse doesn’t satisfy me. This job isn’t fulfilling. The lists are endless. It’s taken me more than fifty years to come close to understanding satisfaction isn’t connected to possessions but a relationship and attitude. God knows what’s best for me and promises to provide it. My responsibility is contentment with what he gives along with sensible and effective use of it. When I succeed, I transform the rock song into the old gospel hymn: “I Am Satisfied With Jesus.”

Satisfaction is a state of mind. Accept, appreciate and use what God gives-little or much.
copyright Martin William Wiles, 2012