Friday, August 3, 2012

Purged By God by Martin Wiles

All I could remember was that it was black, greasy and stunk. But it would relieve soreness, clear up infections and draw out imbedded splinters. Now that my ingrown toenail was pestering me, I needed some.

So I visited the local pharmacy in our small town, walked up to the pharmacist, described it and asked if she knew what I was talking about. To my surprise she said, “It’s Ichthammol.” When I asked if it was still available, she handed me a tube.

I was the proud owner of an old remedy. I went home, removed my shoe and sock, smeared a drop on my big toe, covered it with a bandage and waited. In a few days the soreness had vanished. Ichmmathol purged my toe.

David may have been a man after God’s own heart, but he was often guilty of bad decisions and sinful acts. To his credit he requested that God search and purge him. Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts (Psalm 139:23). When God revealed what he found, David confessed.

I’ve discovered God searches and purges me through a combination of his Word and his Spirit. His love will let him do no less. Before I was his child, he lovingly drew out my stubbornness, letting me know I was on the wrong road. After I became his child-when I strayed down selfish or destructive paths, he penetrated my sore spots until I came to my senses.

God wants to purge us of anything keeping us from him or hindering a full and abundant relationship with him. Ask God to search and purge you.

Prayer: Merciful Father, we ask You to search us and reveal anything that needs to be removed so we can be all You desire us to be.