Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Throwback Tuesday - Never Beyond Grace - Martin Wiles

Never Beyond Grace

"I sinned with a high hand,” he said. 

Though nurtured by a Christian mother during his early years, John Newton followed in his father’s image after his mother died of tuberculosis. He lost his first job with the merchant navy because of "unsettled behavior and impatience of restraint." After deserting the Royal Navy, he was captured, placed in irons, and flogged.

Following his release, he took up employment with a slave-trader named Clow but was eventually transferred to the service of a Liverpool ship. During the ship’s homeward journey, Newton experienced God’s grace while in the midst of an enormous storm. He wasn’t beyond God’s grace after all, and he celebrated by penning the well-known song, “Amazing Grace.” Read more...

Tweetable: We are never beyond the reach of God's grace.


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