Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Throwback Tuesday by Martin Wiles

Welcome to Throwback Tuesdays. Because we think any devotion is worth reading more than once. 

Take a trip back in time by reading this devotion from an earlier time. 

The Power Of Forgiveness

Johnny* built a fence, but not for penning animals.
Johnny’s fence was straight and didn’t enclose anything. It had no corners but coursed a straight line between his and his brother’s house. Anger over a perceived wrong built it, and unforgiveness staked the posts securely in the ground. When their mom died, his brother Red* paid for the family home and land, but Johnny thought he inherited it unfairly, overlooking him and the other siblings. To vent his unforgiveness, he built a fence and barely spoke to his brother. Read more...

Martin N Michelle
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