Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Paid In Full by Martin Wiles

I wasn’t old enough to drive, but Dad said, “If you want it, you’ll have to buy it.”

I was fourteen when Dad brought home a new Chevrolet Vega. As he backed out of our driveway on his first day of ownership, his prize stopped in its tracks. Instead of returning it to the dealership, he offered me the chance to purchase it. I did, and for the next six years I offered monthly sacrifices. Needless to say, I was excited when the loan was paid.

Old Testament priests had a tireless job. God instructed his people to bring animal sacrifices (among other kinds) as payment for their sins. Priests had the responsibility of slaying animals and offering a portion on an altar. Theirs was a bloody and repetitious job since the people habitually broke God’s commands.

But Jesus’ sacrifice was radically different. He does not need to offer sacrifices every day like the other high priests. They did this for their own sins first and then for the sins of the people. But Jesus did this once for all (Hebrews 7:27 NLT). God wrote “Paid in Full” when Jesus drew his final breath.

Jesus paid for our sins completely and finally. He’s the High Priest presently interceding for us to God the Father. Since I have the same problem God’s ancient people had-I tend to regularly mess up, I’m glad the once-for-all sacrifice has been made. No more repeated bringing of sacrifices, no more living with continuous guilt and no more existing in a constant state of fear that I’ve offended a righteous God. In place of “sinner” pasted on my forehead, God has inscribed; “Paid in Full.” Have you accepted Christ’s offer to pay your debt in full?

Prayer: Thank You Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for paying our sin debt completely.