Friday, October 19, 2012

Moving God’s Hand by Martin Wiles

Somewhere in the middle of my prayer, I pleaded, “Lord, we need $120.” 

My wife and I were moving eight miles away, but this didn’t lessen our challenges. One was internet service with a former provider. Everything appeared to be on schedule until we received an email stating, “We can’t process your order. You have a past due amount.”

Two phone hours later, we discovered the error. Instead of disconnecting the service on our previous move day as requested, they entered our pro-rated amount as a partial payment, turned the balance over to the collection department and terminated our already discontinued service. Now they were penalizing us for a mistake they wouldn’t admit.

So I prayed. God’s answer came in a quiet impression during my restless night’s sleep: “Sell something.” As antique collectors, we had plenty, but the challenge was finding buyers for what God said to sell-a china cabinet that had been convened in our booth for months and Lays and Lance cookie jars we didn’t intend to sell. Within an hour of igniting the open sign, my wife had disposed of all three, netting more than enough to pay our bill.

Abraham’s servant also discovered prayer works. His master sent him on a wife-finding mission for his son. Knowing the importance of the journey, he prayed for God to act; O LORD, God of my master, Abraham, please give me success (Genesis 24:42 NLT). Shortly thereafter, Isaac’s future wife materialized. 

The most scholarly theologian can’t explain how prayer works, but experience has taught me it moves God’s hand. So when you’re at your wits end-or even on just every ordinary day, cast a prayer God’s way and marvel over what he does with it.

Prayer: Thank You heavenly Father that You’re never more than a prayer away.