Monday, September 10, 2012

Dating God by Martin Wiles

I was nervous when I used to and sure wouldn’t want to now.

When I dated, the process was simple. If a boy was interested in dating a girl, he walked up to her or called her and asked. If he was a nervous type, he might have one of his female friends do it for him. But I was beyond nervous. The thought of asking a girl out sent me into hive mode. So I dated very few girls and the ones I did I normally asked out by letter.

Dating involves looking, listening and acting and occurs because we want companionship, see a possible lifetime partner, or just want to boost our reputation. With the exception of blind dates, dates are usually prefaced by physical attraction. They involve talking and listening. And if marriage is the goal, serious commitment is required.

Dating God should be natural for believers and not something that makes us nervous. One of the main ways we court God is through time in the Bible. But whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues in it…will be blessed (James 1:25).

A mere glance focuses on physical appearance, but looking intently gets inside a person to know who they really are-their goals, dreams and aspirations. God wants us to know him intently. Scanning pages just to say I’ve done it is one thing; yearning for God to speak to my spirit from the pages is another. One date doesn’t normally lead to a successful marriage or an enjoyable relationship with God. It takes time.

Just as dating usually changes our attitude and behaviors, so will dating God. How much time are you spending with him?

Prayer: Father, enrich my dates with You and Your Word so my love for You will continue growing.