Friday, July 13, 2012

Good Advice by Martin Wiles

“You’re gonna have to find another job that pays more or decrease your debts,” my brother said. I was trying to do the first and struggling with the second.

Some call my middle brother thrifty. Others say he’s stingy. I call him wise. I’m nine years his senior but when it comes to intelligent financial decisions his choices have been better.

My wife and I were living in a serious financial situation that was getting worse each month. We discussed options-none of which were good. I decided to ask my brother’s advice, and he gave sound counsel garnered from family, education and experience, and I took it.

King Solomon’s son Rehoboam didn’t fair as well. He took advice from his inexperienced and greedy peers instead of the older wiser counselors. The king answered them harshly. Rejecting the advice of the elders (II Chronicles 10:13).

Solomon treated his constituents harshly while building his kingdom. The older counselors advised Rehoboam to lighten the load while the younger advisors told him to make their lives even more miserable. When he did, the kingdom split.

Someone once told me opinions are like armpits-“Everyone has a couple and they usually stink.” I’ve discovered there’s a lot of smelly advice floating around too. Good advice is available but difficult to find.

When seeking advice, God’s Word should be our starting point. What the Bible suggests or commands is always timely and correct. Listening to the still small voice of God’s Spirit through prayer is also wise. These are the basics, but we can also consult other sources such as mature believers, respected counselors and trusted authors. Advice that’s workable, realistic and agrees with God’s principles is always safe.

Prayer: God, when we need advice, guide us to trustworthy sources so our decisions will be appropriate and beneficial.
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