Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One Stitch At A Time by Martin Wiles

She was a marvel to observe, and you never knew what she would make next.

My great grandmother was a master crocheter. She would sit for hours with needle and thread, seemingly content to labor tirelessly on her projects. But nothing began until the yarn was rolled into a ball. This is where I came in. I held the mass of string firmly while she pulled and rolled. This prohibited tangles while crocheting. Then she carefully placed the rolled yarn in a cloth bag so it wouldn’t escape when she stitched.

I never saw my great grandmother use a pattern; I suppose they were ingrained in her mind. Her motions seemed repetitive: pull a little slack, make a few stitches and then repeat the process. Thousands of times. What began as a series of loops materialized into afghans, house shoes, sweaters, coasters and other useful items. Some she made in a day; others took months. Unattractive and simple chains became beautiful and complex creations-one stitch at a time.

The psalmist acknowledged the complexity of humans. You made them rulers over the works of your hands; you put everything under their feet. (Psalm 8:6) Constructed to reflect God’s image and glory and accomplish his purpose, humans were to rule his creation.

You and I are God’s masterpieces, carefully constructed one stitch at a time in our mother’s wombs. From the moment of conception until our last breath, God continues weaving his creations into beautiful garments that will accomplish his purpose. There’s no one like you, nor should you pine to imitate another-only God. What he does-when allowed, will amaze the most despondent esteem starved person. Be patient while God forms you one stitch at a time.

Prayer: God, give us patience while you transform us into Your masterpieces.

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