Friday, May 4, 2012

God In The Details by Martin Wiles

Attention to detail. Not everyone thinks it’s important, but Michael did.

Michael is the mayor of a small town in South Carolina. What he does is not for pay but out of the goodness of his heart. The town needed a facelift but had no revenue. Michael searched for grants and discovered a few but someone had to write them. He dove into the details and was rewarded with seed money. Meetings with contractors and Town Council members followed and finally yielded agreement.

Michael didn’t stop there. When the actual work began, he doubled at his job as a pharmaceutical representative and oversaw the contractors as well, making sure all details of the facelift were completed on time and according to the prescribed guidelines. The town looks like a different place but only because he gave attention to detail.

Michael was like Moses. Moses did everything just as the LORD commanded him. (Exodus 40:16)God gave Moses thorough instructions on how to construct the Tabernacle, including what type of material to use and what elements and furniture to include in it. To Moses’ credit, he did everything just as God commanded, giving attention to even the smallest elements.

Details can be cumbersome and tiring, but they’re normally crucial to reaching the desired outcome. Spiritual excellence is important when serving God. Whether we sing in the choir, teach a class, empty the trash or turn out the lights, the details are important as well as are those who complete them. We don’t serve for recognition, only to honor God. Even in the details God is present.  When God gives you a job, do it timely, correctly and completely.

Prayer: Father, remind us it’s not the size of the job but whether we do it to honor You.