Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Throwback Tuesday - Love's Proof - Martin Wiles

Love’s Proof

If I didn’t know my wife, I might very well pass her by without speaking.

In the South, speaking and waving to others-even people we don’t know, is considered a courteous act of kindness. It’s part of Southern charm and a way of life that’s been culturally ingrained for many years. But in other parts of the United States…and world, such friendliness is uncharacteristic. I’ve visited large cities and passed hundreds of people without receiving a nod, smile, wave, or “Hey, how are you doing?” If my wife was one of those nameless strangers, I’d no doubt pass her by like the others.

But since my wife is well-known to me, my actions toward her are different. I speak to her, kiss her, hold her hand, take her out to eat, buy her cards and presents for special occasions, periodically cook for her, help her clean the house, etc. And because she knows me, she reciprocates with similar actions. Read more...

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