Friday, October 31, 2014

Flashback Friday - Martin Wiles

Spiritual Cultivation

My garden is plowed but nothing grows. And with good reason. Nothing is planted. 

I grew up around gardens and have always intermittently gardened myself. My grandparents had them, and most parishioners in my father’s churches did as well. 

I’m most familiar with my paternal grandfather’s. He spent a great deal of time cultivating his garden. Preparation for planting involved tilling, spreading fertilizer and purchasing seeds and plants. Maintenance required hoeing, pulling weeds and spraying for insects. When the fruit was ready, the real work began: picking, digging, snapping, peeling, canning and blanching. Once after watching me sweat in the garden, my father-who wasn’t a gardener, said: “I could go to the market and buy it cheaper.” He was right but that avoided cultivation. Read more...


Martin N Michelle
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